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Welcome to Ado Art

Ado-art is currently the largest network of commercial art galleries in Warsaw with
6 locations: Westfield Arkadia, Sadyba Best Mall, Galeria Młociny, Ken Center, King
Cross Praga, Julianów, ul. Julianowska 66a.

We present the works of well-known Polish artists, as well as young and promising
ones. What is more, we provide advice on investing in artworks, decorating various
spaces – houses, office spaces and many more and also offer framing services.

Meet Our Artists

Our wide artwork collection includes works by the most outstanding representatives
of Polish contemporary art, including:

Locations of our galleries
Ado-art in Galeria Młociny
Ado-art in the Sadyba Best Mall Gallery
Ado-art at the Westfield Arkadia Gallery
Ado-art online gallery

Customers opinion

"A company with traditions, known in Poland and probably not only there. The difficult challenge of selecting the right frame for our picture was made more simple there. The salesperson’s support and experience helped us to choose a wonderful frame, as well as a painting, and what is more important there is a lot to choose from"

Mrs. Catherine

Visit us in Street View
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About the Gallery

Ado-art sp. z o.o. is a thriving business, a network of commercial art galleries with 5 branches in Warsaw and its vicinity.
The gallery specialises in the direct sale of works of art and continuously builds its collection of works of art. What is more, it also offers framing, renovation and restoration services.
Ado-art Gallery are located in Westfield Arkadia, Sadyba Best Mall, Galeria Młociny, Ken Center, King Cross Praga and in Julianów at ul. Julianowska 66a.
In its collection, the Gallery offers works by the most outstanding Polish representatives of contemporary art, including Rafał Olbiński, Edward Dwurnik and Tomasz Sętowski. The Gallery's offer includes paintings but also graphics, photography and sculptures.
Apart from selling works of art and promoting Polish artists through numerous cultural events, Ado-art runs its own framing service offering various types of frames to suit its wide customer base.

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